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Support the work of Rutland Wildlife Sanctuary & The Big Cat Project
You can help Rutland Wildlife Sanctuary by Sponsoring, Adopting, Becoming A Friend or if you have a few hours each week, why not Volunteer and join in the adventure of caring for the Birds of Prey and Woodlands?

Contact us : +84.123.456

For £60.00 per annum you can help us support the ongoing work of the Centre. Each of our incredible birds rely on the Rutland Wildlife Sanctuary to keep them safe and secure providing their home forever. 

Enjoy UNLIMITED ENTRY TO THE SANCTUARY FOR A YEAR from date of donation, during our opening hours.  You are always welcome to bring guests but they will be charged a standard entrance fee per person.  (Excluding Big Cat Open Days)

Your Become a Friend pack will include a photograph of your chosen Bird of Prey together with an adoption certificate and a membership card.

Alternatively, for £50.00 per annum why not adopt one of our resident Birds of Prey?  

Each of our incredible Birds of Prey rely on the Rutland Wildlife Sanctuary to keep them safe and secure providing their forever homes.

Your Adoption Pack will include a photograph of your chosen bird of prey together with an adoption certificate.

Help provide a safe and secure home

Call Chris direct on: 07778 152814
Or email

Sponsor one of our Big Cats – and help continue vital work of the sanctuary for Big Cats no longer suitable for breeding programmes.  

Each of our cats has their own very special story and we open just a few times each year to share these and raise funds to home the Cats but also to raise awareness of the need to protect these incredible animals.

The Amur Leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis) has been classified as critically endangered with approximately just 90 cats left in the World.  They are sparsely distributed across Russia, China, and possibly Korea, and their population is still in decline, threatened by increasing damage to their habitat by deforestation and excessive tree logging.

It is our aim to raise vital funds for the plight of the wild Amur Leopard by holding our Big Cat Open Days.

"The resident Birds of Prey at Rutland Wildlife Sanctuary THANK YOU for your continued support, it is never taken for granted"

Help always needed

Rutland Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit making organisation.

Public donations are combined with admission and course fees to maintain and develop the work and fabric of the Centre.

If you would like to make a donation, please  email : 

or send a cheque to our address below
payable to: 

Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre
Burley Bushes, Exton Lane
Oakham, Rutland  LE15 7TA

Thank you.

white faced scops owl - Crisp - Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre


Our Group of dedicated Volunteers are valued greatly. We are always appreciative of additional offers of help.

The Centre is able to utilise all manner of skills!

Please contact Chris on 07778 152 814 if you are interested in offering some time to help on a regular basis.

We look forward to hearing from you.